StreamFab Netflix Downloader Review

Get ready to binge-watch your Netflix content with streamlined and authentic software. To spend your moments memorable and crazy, I’ve come up with a StreamFab Netflix Downloader review. How interesting it is to download movies and watch them offline. Ultimately StreamFab Netflix will save your data and give you high-quality content with subtitles you prefer. 

The paid and free StreamFab trial will help you in the long run. The StreamFab full version will be your good partner if you are traveling or on a trip. Besides, before familiarity with new software, we all ensure its authenticity. So, is StreamFab legal? 

It will help if you read the review to get an accurate answer to all your queries. Let’s make your boring life boosted with StreamFab Downloader. 

What is StreamFab Netflix Downloader?

StreamFab Netflix Downloader is a great software or app that helps users to download content (audio or videos). You can save movies, music, TV shows, and documentaries to view them offline. You may find many apps to download the content, but are you sure you will get content without internet connectivity? But StreamFab will be! 

StreamFab software helps to provide streaming content without internet connectivity. If you want an MP4 format with subtitles, you can use StreamFab even though you can download the audio or videos from any location. This provides different modes to download just one or multiple episodes simultaneously. 

Whether you want multiple episodes or just one season at a time is up to you. Moreover, StreamFab can efficiently operate on Windows or Mac. You can use it for entertainment and share it with your friends. Let’s read the pros and cons to know that is StreamFab legal.

StreamFab Netflix Pros And Cons

Before selecting any software, you should know about the pros and cons. The only option is to read an honest StreamFab Netflix downloader review. Let’s talk about its multiple features to get a hassle-free experience. 

StreamFab Pros

1- Quality Content:

With the StreamFab trial, getting high-quality content is no more difficult. Even it allows users to convert videos into audio also. Once you download a movie, music, or anything else, Netflix downloader provides a great user experience. 

Users mostly want a video in HDR quality that provides a better visual effect on any device. Undoubtedly, you will enjoy HD or MP4 videos flawlessly on your smartphone or Android. 

With StreamFab’s full version, you will enjoy video resolution up to 1080p, which allows maximum data in less storage space. Also, you can enjoy EAC3 5.1 superior audio quality in content.

2- Streamline connectivity: 

Most people worry about their hustle and bustle routine. What if they cannot enjoy Netflix movies due to inactive weekend subscriptions? For this instance, the only solution is the Netflix video downloader. 

You can download any content and save it to watch anytime. Once you save the season, you don’t need to worry about poor internet connectivity. This is an excellent point that you can watch videos offline. 

3- Fast Download:

How interesting it is to download multiple episodes with a single click. Yes, StreamFab Netflix allows the fast download of a season easily and securely. Within minutes you will be able to watch your favorite show. 

You will see “Select all” options when you operate the video downloader. However, you can save the videos on your device by clicking on this option. Still, the StreamFab Netflix downloader review needs to be completed. 

4- Free or paid trial:

StreamFab allows free as well as paid trials. The free StreamFab full version allows downloading essential videos with limitations. So you can save a maximum of 3-5 videos without customizing the settings. However, you may need more high-quality content in the free version. 

Although, with the paid trial, you will get lots of benefits. You can try the premium plan to get almost 50 videos per day. However, all the videos will be HDR. It means the premium version provides high-quality and unlimited videos. But ensure that some titles are also missing in the premium plan.  

5- Different language subtitles:

Content with subtitles makes it crispy and exciting, especially in foreign languages. In this way, people not only make their weekend memorable but also get knowledge about different languages. 

You can select language and audio from a Netflix downloader. Hence, you can download the subtitle in the STR file or embed it into the video. But keep in mind that both options have different functions. 

STR file is easy to load whenever you want. While embedded subtitles are for those who don’t want to load subtitles. Well, you can take benefit from the embedded subtitles to watch videos.

6- AD free videos:

No one wants to watch 1 min of an ad during video watching. It dismisses the crip or adventure of the movie. But the most boring is to watch the ad every 10-15 min. If you still need to plan to solve this problem, read the full StreamFab Netflix downloader review.  

With a premium StreamFab trial plan, your problem will be solved. If you still face the ad in your content, try a video downloader. With a downloader, you will eliminate ad interruption during video saving. 

7- Secure and easy to use:

Is StreamFab legal? Well, StreamFab is secure to use without worrying about any copyright issues. But there are still some terms and conditions that you have to follow to avoid copyright. Also, it’s simple to use. 

8- Offline Access:

Once you save any content, you can watch it offline. No matter when you want to watch, StreamFab ultimately allows you without any restriction to watch it without internet connectivity. 

9- Compatibility:

Whether you want to watch videos on a smartphone, Android, or tablet, StreamFab Netflix downloader is compatible with all of them. Watch your favorite content on TV or your smartphone without any hurdles. 

StreamFab Cons

1- Limitations in video quality:

StreamFab Netflix downloader review is applicable to know about the video quality. Imagine you want a high-quality HD video, but you cannot see the clear version. It will definitely be an irritating moment that is incompatible with health. 

Let me clarify that you will not get high-quality videos with the free version. While the premium version is the best to get up to 1080p high-resolution video with subtitles and clear audio. 

2- Limited access to save video:

StreamFab Netflix has limitations that you have to face during video saving. Yet, you can save only 350 videos weekly with the premium plan. So if you want to watch more than 50 videos daily, it will not assist you. 

However, you must watch and download videos under StreamFab premium terms and conditions. As I mentioned, you will download 3 videos with the free plan. 

What does the StreamFab trial offer?

StreamFab full version software is for video enthusiasts people. StreamFab gives users an advantage from this software for 30 days free. So it’s a great time to download ultimate content to watch it in your free time. Also, you can save subtitles and unlimited videos without ad interruption. However, with the premium trial, you can download videos from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, and over 1000 streaming sites. 

You can get a discount if you buy the full version for a lifetime. Well, its price is $400, but with a deal, you will get it for $279. You can use your preferred currency and get your StreamFab versions for entertainment. 

Any StreamFab alternative

It’s your right to review the StreamFab StreamFab Netflix Downloader review and its alternative. There are multiple StreamFab alternatives, but I found a super one. Let’s have a look at its features and try it at once. 

KeepStreams Video Downloader

KeepStreams is also a video downloader from which you can download TV shows, anime, social media content, and movies. Yet, the KeepStreams video downloader is user-friendly and keeps up-to-date. Let’s talk about the pros and cons. 


  • KeepStreams allow monthly, bi-annual, and annual plans at very reasonable prices. 
  • KeepStreams OS is windows and Mac, like a StreamFab Netflix downloader.
  • Like StreamFab, its also allow video quality up to 1080p.
  • If you want to download a batch, you can try it.
  • This is safe and secures downloading videos. 
  • Allow downloading videos from OTT sites. 
  • Help in fast video saving.


  • Allows MP4 output format only


Hopefully, you have lots of information in a StreamFab Netflix Downloader review. Undoubtedly, StreamFab has excellent features with a one-time investment. It’s your right to get software that suits you in every aspect.

If you don’t want to buy StreamFab Netflix downloader, you can get monthly, bi-annual, and annual access to KeepStreams. If you are still curious about whether is StreamFab legal, it’s wrong. I have clarified all the aspects. You can get StreamFab trial free or buy a premium plan also. 

Nothing is more helpful than getting the StreamFab full-lifetime version or KeepStreams monthly plan within a limited budget.

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